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  • Our BABY Lash is 25MM Long!

    These are a 6D layer style with a mix of short and long hairs with a natural and voluminous patern from front to back!

    The perfect style for those days that want to show up your cut crease or eyeshadow look!

    Flexible,Soft Black Cotton band.

    Can be worn 25-30 times


    SKU: BE4B9
    $15.00 Regular Price
    $5.25Sale Price
    • Remove your lashes from the package only with tweezers. DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS!
    • Measure the eyelash with your eye.
    • Cut the edges according to your eye size. 
    • With our Dream Liner Glue trace a line in your eyelid close to your lashes (you don't have to wait until the glue dries!)
    • Apply your eyelash!
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