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  • Our Eyelash Curler Duo is a Set of 2 Eyecurlers;

    1. Spikey Eyecurler.
    2. Small Precision Eyecurler.

    These are made with a very Strong metal and coated with a Rose Gold Color Paint that will not fade out.

    • The Spikey EyeCurler; Is used to give your lashes a beautiful Curl that lasts for hours, without pulling your natural lashes off.
    • The Small EyeCurler; Is used to Curl your Start and Finish of your lashes giving them a really precise and firm curl. This curler also can be used to set your false lashes once they are in place, helping your lash being set with more comfortability.

    Give this set a try, you will not be Disappointed!

    Eyelash Curler Duo

    SKU: CD-02
    $14.99 Regular Price
    $4.50Sale Price
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